Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A different type of garden surprise

Oh hai!

my new friend
On Monday morning I came home and found this precious little feline in the backyard. The neighbours said she had already been hanging around for a day or two.
We're all undecided whether she's lost or just a really young/tiny outdoor cat. I was initially extremely concerned about her, she's just so small - but she seems to have survived a couple nights out in the neighbourhood and returns in fine condition in the morning.
All the neighbours have been feeding her tuna - human grade - what a princess!

I went online to the Toronto Humane Society Lost & Found postings. Nothing on her so far, but I wandered over to the adopt a pet section.

Oh dear.

It's all so heart-breaking! If I don't end up adopting this kitty, I'm starting to consider bringing one home from the shelter, but I know it's a huge commitment...


Rika said...

I'd bring her home right away! Wouldn't even think :)
Also, it's definitely a she. All three-colored kitties are girls. ;)

Bob Stewart said...

Hi ellie T
What a wonderful face! We lost our kitty two years ago, she was 18 years old and definitely part of our family. It was heart breaking. But pets do bring immense joy to one's life and a big commitment. Another tough life choice. My thoughts go out to you and your cute little friend.