Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Butchart's Garden: Dahlias

My friend and garden guide LOVES dahlias, and Butchart's is a dream come true for him.

This runway of dahlias is absolutely packed and continues along the path towards the Japanese garden.

The Monkey Tree

The friends I was visiting in BC live in a small community called Lake Cowichan. Some how, one of the residents has a huge Monkey Tree (araucaria araucana) on his front lawn. I had never seen anything like it before.
While at Butchart's, I saw another monkey tree.

At first glance it just seems like an evergreen tree. And indeed it is, but it's apparently native to Chile, can grow to great age, and is now considered endangered!
What really sets it apart is that it doesn't have 'needles' like most North American evergreens.

monkey tree 'leaves'
How cool is that?!?

The Butchart's Garden: Overview, Part I

I know I've been awol for quite some time, but rather than leaving a bunch of excuses I'll leave these wonderful photos instead.
Butchart's was a privately owned family estate (in Victoria, BC), but is now open to the public. It's so expansive, with so many delights that I had to break up my posts to do it justice.
The day I went was a little misty - at first I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't warm and sunny, but it did offer me a couple of great shots.

The Mediterranean garden welcomes you at the parking lot.

I don't play chess but this would be cool...

So many colours, so many details everywhere you go. I simply didn't have the time to examine everything the way I really wanted to.

This unassuming little path was a part of my favourite "reveal" of the garden...

Come around the corner and....

There's still much more to show! I'll have a few more posts coming - one on dahlias and another on the Japanese garden.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A different type of garden surprise

Oh hai!

my new friend
On Monday morning I came home and found this precious little feline in the backyard. The neighbours said she had already been hanging around for a day or two.
We're all undecided whether she's lost or just a really young/tiny outdoor cat. I was initially extremely concerned about her, she's just so small - but she seems to have survived a couple nights out in the neighbourhood and returns in fine condition in the morning.
All the neighbours have been feeding her tuna - human grade - what a princess!

I went online to the Toronto Humane Society Lost & Found postings. Nothing on her so far, but I wandered over to the adopt a pet section.

Oh dear.

It's all so heart-breaking! If I don't end up adopting this kitty, I'm starting to consider bringing one home from the shelter, but I know it's a huge commitment...

Thursday, 1 August 2013

just for fun

So you can see my banner has changed.

I got a new camera with a bunch of apps installed and couldn't resist playing around with some of the funkier effects.

original photo
marker effect
How fun is that?!?

I'm taking a trip out to BC in a few weeks and can't wait to take lots of pictures of their glorious plant life with my new toy!